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Matthew le Maistre Smith is Joined Up Thinking

I’m a freelance designer, art director, creative and typographer based in Jersey, Channel Islands. My experience spans everything from the national media such as: Punch magazine, The Guardian, Elle, Arena, Arena Homme Plus, The Face & Select (both now sadly defunct fashion and music magazines respectively) to London Ad agencies and running my own design agency in London which serviced global brands before re-locating back to my home in Jersey in 2009 working mostly for ad & design agencies as well as a roster of international clients and local start ups.

  • Fully competent in Adobe Creative suite cc 2015: Illustrator, Photoshop & inDesign
  • Can work within or hand-in-hand with an agency or direct to client
  • Can work to a fixed budget for smaller jobs with budget restrictions – or more normally, an hourly or day rate. I can be flexible depending on workload.
  • As an art director with many years experience, and a number of key industry contacts globally. I will also, when the job dictates, call on fellow trusted and proven, freelancers, copyrighters, specialist printers, product developers, photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists, models, coders and web developers to deliver projects should those skills be needed on a per job basis.

Matthew le Maistre Smith
Matthew le Maistre SmithCreative Director
Freelance designer, art director and creative based in Jersey Channel Islands, providing design services to clients both locally and globally.

Some of my highlights

Every job I do is my favourite job in that each is an intellectual and design challenge to solve a problem in the best way possible. That said, there are certain projects I’m particularly happy with the outcome of. See below but I hope you’ll explore my whole portfolio as well not just the greatest hits!

    Designing, art directing and producing Michelin stared chef Pascal Aussinac’s cookbook: “Cuisine Gascon” for Absolute Press.

    Not only was it a joy to be fully introduced to his exceptional cuisine but a joy to work again with my stand out food photographer without question, Step forwards: Jean Cazals.

    2 weeks of studio photography involving plating up on a perspex shelf shot from above so the food looked at its best with the relevent art beneath as well as 2 weeks touring the most fabulous part of France, In my view, visting everything from Caviar farms to Foie Gras producers (who are humane in their animal treatment by the way) to the spice of life: Eau de Vie.

    Hard work but I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world.

    And… the book was awarded: Gourmond world cuisine Cookbook of the year


    It is without question that a solid brief will mean I can therefore answer and deliver the client’s wishes precisely. Don’t get me wrong – if the brief is this is the concept – give us your best – then I’ll thrive on it, and deliver as I have done so on many occasions.

    However, and even at a higher end corporate context- there should be flexibility to let me do what I can do – but within constraints – and I’ve no issue with that.

    Ideally, I’d always like to have a very tight brief and in all honesty, even if you don’t have one, I can, and will help create one on the simple premise:

    When I receive a brief I read, re-read, and then re-read. I aim to deliver the wishes of my clients. Plainly, that will be my interpretation of it – but that my job.

    If you want and need to hit an exact market area or message to a precise audience – I can, and frequently deliver exactly that.

    If you want creativity for a new market area, again, I can deliver. And I’ll write what I think is your brief, and then answer it.

    Whilst many may not think it – I am entirely Auto-Ditact in art and design! As in – I’m completely self taught.

    Believe me – I’ve put in the hours! And its because of my love of fine art that I’ve been lucky enough to be where I a now. But I digress..

    When I knew that there was no point in my going to art school I decided to tackle the conceptual issue of art from a differnt direction and attended the Philosophy degree at Birkbeck (University of London) who at the time had Roger Scrutton as the director. He was both inspirational and as a leading light in modern Asethetics massively intrigued me in terms of thinking about art and design in a new way.

    So my side interests include reading philosophy – particularly the German philosopers – Kant being the stand out – but also the exentialists – along with much French and Russian literature