The Brief

This was to be a new Private Investment Bank. I believe it was based in Brazil, but my clients – the agency handling the creation and eventual launch were based in Manchester.

I had a totally open brief in terms of a creative solution and strategy. Plainly, it needed to be intelligent, mature, and stylish as would befit both creating an appropriate brand and with a view to potential customers, clients and suppliers.

My Solution

Frankly, being given a blank canvas and one that required a stylish, sober and classy end result, I jumped at the opportunity. The logo and identity I created took abstracted elements from currency and I further employed a typeface that I’d just digitally re-created form a 1930s dutch typographer which I’d found in an old book of typography and which was not commercially available.

I’ve called this typeface ABZ and will be releasing it commercially as soon as possible.

If anyone would like it sooner rather than later please get in contact with me – as I’m still designing some of the numerals etc

The Result

Rather sadly, the firm either in Manchester or Brazil – or both went bust before this ever saw the light of day – so it remains, irritatingly, a job that I put lots of work into, did (I think) a considered and elegant solution, and never got paid for!

I nevertheless include it in my portfolio for a number of reasons.

  1. it includes the ABZ typeface that I’ve developed and as mentioned I’ll be making commercially available as soon as I can
  2. It embodies a number of corporate design and art direction principles which I still feel holds strong – even now and please bear in mind this was all designed and done 10 years ago- so I feel it therefore shows again what I believe good design should be about – longevity. If it still looks good 10 years later – then I think I’ve done my job

Project design: 2007-8