Project Description


Smythe House is a very interesting company, essentially, Financial “Butlers”, if you like, or Financial “Lifestyle Managers” – call it what you will, it’s a private members club for individuals with an appropriate net income or net worth. Both partners, Richard and Ed are experts in their fields in Investment Management and Accountancy respectively and through Smythe House provide a way for members to pool investment resources & opportunities as well as having their finances managed on an individual and practical level.

What was involved

Initially, re-design of the logo and the creation of a new identity system as well as website design and creation.

Whilst a number of options were presented to the client, the end result was essentially an upgrade of their pre-existing logo.

Once that element of the process had been completed, the identity was relatively straightforward and whilst all stationary and print matter was resolved it was quickly a case of delivering the website.

Personally, I think the key to a good looking website is good images. SH were based in London and I was able to brief Gary Wallis with exact lighting set-ups so he could do the photoshoot to my specifications, and as always, Gary duly delivered some great images which form the backbone of the visual impact of the website.

The Solution

As mentioned, the job included a re-brand process and website design, whilst I was head of design for The Refinery . The screen shots here are some of the work in progress. The full site can be found here: 
Whilst the core back-end of the site is WordPress based (isn’t everything now?) – don’t forget this was all designed and delivered in 2012 – meaning that it was not automatically the case that responsive layouts were automatically generated. Therefore the entire site was designed in 16, 12, 8 and 4 column grids for optimum display on  desktop > laptop > tablet > mobile. Photography byGary Wallis 
Web Development was bySteve le Roy Harris

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Matthew’s designs embody the high standards he expects for the modern web:
Steve le Roy Harris, Project web developer, for The Refinery
His designs are: responsive, retina-ready and with rich HTML5 animations and content, these are often a challenge for the developer and produce excellent results for the client.
Steve le Roy Harris, Project web developer, for The Refinery