Project Description

Project Brief

I worked with Steve a few more years ago than I’d like to mention for Global Eyeware, Kangol and a number of other brands.

Steve took himself off to the US and has been in charge of product development and design firstly for Timex and laterly, Nike.

However, all good things come to an end and he moved on to become a freelance product developer and creative director.

Whilst we were working on a new project together Vector Watches – he asked me to re-do his identity, which I was plainly keen to do.

The Challenge

As many designers and even many top ad agencies well know, designing your own identity can become a difficult proposition.

Very often you’re too tied up in your own business to be able to take an objective view of it. Add the fact that multiple stakeholders will, inevitably, have multiple viewpoints and you’ve got a recipe for chaos.

Step in me! Steve’s brief was totally open – do whatever you want. He knew my capabilities having worked together so there was never any issue that I wouldn’t deliver the goods.

The Solution

I’m very proud of and he’s very chuffed with.

A simple bit of typography using negative space.

As I may have mentioned elsewhere on this site – achieving simple is by no means simple!

From the initial logo creation I then developed up the layout systems, grids, letterheads and overview of how the website could look and then handed it all over for him to get printed and for his US based web developer to create.

So a complete id system for print and web delivered.

Client very chuffed.

Conceptual Design Samples

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Love how this is working, a lot!
I think it’s just the bold simplicity in a single colour that I like.
Steve Jarvis
I like that a lot of your other stuff is the simple combo of a cool mark and a very nice execution of type for their name.
Just like the work that you did for Vector.
Steve Jarvis