In 2012-2013 a new project came through the door when I was head of design forThe Refinery.

TOTM (Time Of The Month) – is a company providing Organic and safe healthcare solutions in the feminine hygiene market.

From initial briefings with what the client wanted to achieve – to designing the logo, corporate identity & packaging solutions for a number of product offerings but all to have an ease of use, minimalism to the packaging and therefore discreetness whilst also making sure that the packaging was cost effective was a welcome challenge to be solved.

The overall identity systems I came up with utilized the, then, newly available, Google fonts so that the website (which was plainly the vital shop window for orders) and the packaging, would be in total harmony.

The solution I developed was part minimalism (as is my way and as the client wanted) and part a nod to the more medical side of healthcare product packaging.

As the whole premise of the business model was internet based re-ordering and supply and delivery of orders, which potentially, if not treated correctly, could potential cause embarrassment to the customer, it was key to make the packaging understated (which was one of the client’s requests at the briefing stage).

Logistically, in terms of the packaging design, it also needed to fulfil a number of core design constraints:

  1. As it was a mail order and delivery system, all packaging needed to be able to fit though a standard UK letterbox – even if the individual boxes for flow (and there may have been different requirements in each box) needed to be contained in a overall packaging and delivery mail box. Let’s just say some maths was highly involved!
  2. That it should be both modern and discrete.
  3. That plainly, once the customer received the product, that it would be simple and easy to access the product. So a perforated rip lid was incorporated. this had the added benefit that the container wouldn’t be destroyed once the box had been received – and could therefore be transported in handbags etc.